Did anyone else think that by the time they got to their forties they would have this thing called life all sorted? Yeah I fell for it too.

Welcome to Parkslife.

My name is Chris and I am on a mission to provide you with interesting and original content, I like to think I make a journey to work a little more bearable. I look at everything from books to travel to dating to movies.

I am a freelance writer for a couple of websites (www.northernsoul.me.uk and www.canal-st.co.uk) but am branching out to other publications (self promotion hint).

So buckle up and let’s tackle life together. If you have any stories, feedback or a good old rant to share, I’d love to hear from you.

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I hope you enjoy my little space on the internet as much as I am creating it.


If that isn’t enough for you, here’s some amazing facts about me to keep you entertained. I’d love to know your answers to these or anything else you’d like to tell me. 

What is your zodiac sign? Aries

Cats or dogs? Hmmm tough one but I’d say cat probably. They will rule the world in the end.

Fave school subject? English definitely

Fave food? Sadly there isn’t much I don’t like apart from egg white but to round it down, let’s go for a premium quality steak with a béarnaise sauce, go on then, chuck some big fat chips on there too

Fave TV show? RuPaul’s Drag Race, my fandom borders obsessive.

Fave actor/actress? Tom Hardy. No further reason required

Biggest fear? Snakes. They are vile.

Tea or coffee? Considering tea is Satan’s juice, I will say coffee.

Bad habit? Unfortunately I have the ultimate bad habit, I smoke.

Favourite holiday? Gosh this is harder to choose than the food one. It’s a toss up between St Lucia, Kenya and China, oh and Venice but then Sorrento as well. I can’t decide.

If I could live anywhere? I’m lucky enough to divide my time between the two best places in the country, Hebden Bridge and Manchester so I’m sticking with those.

Last thing I bought? If it’s groceries, then my dinner. If it’s non-groceries, it was some trousers because I’m losing weight and mine are too big.

Last TV show watched? England v Tunisia in the World Cup. That makes me sound very manly doesn’t it?

Can you cook? I can follow a recipe but that’s about it.

First app I check in morning? Twitter (@parkslifeblog – never miss a chance!)

First foreign country visited? USA

First record bought? “You’re the One That I Want” Olivia Newton John & John Travolta (I was very young OK)

First car? Fenella the little white Fiesta

First internet search? Who can remember that? It would probably be something Madonna related just to see if the new contraption was working.

First job? Shelf stacker in the Co-Op. I’ve always been drawn to glamour.

First pet? I’m not falling for that, you aren’t having my birthdate or mother’s maiden name either.

First concert? Five Star at Manchester Apollo. I was resplendent in a lemon cardigan and marble washed jeans.

First thing I do every morning? Have a wee, I’m over forty!

First thing I do when I get home? Get changed. I do that before I even have a wee.

First time I got drunk? When I was 11, my cousin’s got me drunk on vodka when we were on holiday because I threatened to tell that they’d been snogging Spanish boys.

Thanks to www.moonsomnia.com for these questions.