Glasto Memories

Like a lot of people this weekend we should be dancing in a field at Worthy Farm in Somerset but COVID-19 had other ideas and now I’m planning on scrubbing the oven clean whilst listening to past Glastonbury moments.

It got me thinking about my best moments down at that farm and I thought I’d share them with you.

Stormzy – 2019

I will be honest but as a 44 year old duffer I hadn’t really heard a lot of Stormzy before I went to watch his set at the Pyramid Stage but I believe that Glasto should be used to see acts you are curious about as well as seeing your favourites. Sometimes it backfires (Kanye West I’m looking at you) but Stormzy’s set was absolutely amazing.

It’s a tough call doing the Friday headliner set because people are holding back a little, still marvelling that the festival is actually going and not quite in the bubble that we will live in for the rest of the weekend. But Stormzy threw everything at us and it was incredible. That is the power of Glastonbury and he definitely got a new fan that night.

Krafty Kuts & A Skillz – 2014

Now I am going against my own advice here because these two DJs have been favourites of mine for nearly twenty years and their set in 2014 was absolutely incredible. It was held in The Temple and felt like we had stepped out of the festival experience and into a full on club with everyone dancing like their lives depended on it on raised benches while Krafty and A Skillz held court in the middle.

After a long day of festivalling, you can sometimes flag around midnight (yes I am old) but Krafty put a spring right back in my step and we stayed out partying for a good few hours afterwards.

The Killers – 2019

I’ve seen The Killers at festivals and arenas but when a band you love play a headlining set on one of the biggest stages in the world, you make sure you have a good spot. Brandon and the boys didn’t disappoint with an incredible greatest hits set that descended into sheer bonkersness.

Once they’d taken their bows, the lights refused to come back up meaning we knew the Vegas showmen were coming back. What we didn’t expect as the smoke cleared was Jimmy Carr sweeping the stage and looking shocked at the 100,000 people cheering back at him.

Guest stars are a common thing for major sets and The Killers didn’t disappoint with the Pet Shop Boys no less coming to sing Human and Always on My Mind, then Brandon drawled “They say you shouldn’t perform with your idols, well we’re doubling down tonight. Mr Johnny Marr”. The crowd went absolutely crazy and they did Smiths classic This Charming Man which segued into Mr Brightside. How is a boy supposed to go to sleep after that?

Nile Rogers & Chic – 2013

It was my first proper night at Glastonbury ever and what better way than to celebrate it with Nile Rogers and Chic on the West Holts Stage. This was my first taste of how intense the party can get at Glasto and I was jigging around next to Craig Charles to Chic’s stellar back catalogue.

The crowd was buzzing as they led us all the way up to Le Freak and we were all dancing in every last scrap of grass that we could find under a cloudless sky. It was a special memory that was one of many to come.

Dolly Parton – 2014

Short of Madonna doing a Greatest Hits set one day, Dolly Parton will probably go down in history as the best Glasto experience I have ever had. All weekend anyone you spoke to said “Are you watching Dolly?”, it was the place to be and was a joyous experience of the like I’ve rarely experienced.

We’d had an up and down time with the weather but the sun was shining high that Sunday afternoon and just as the band started up, my friend handed me a pint of vodka and coke. We have a rule that we don’t take booze home.

What Dolly brought to us was an intimate hoe-down of her and over 150,000 of us. She played sax, banjo, guitar and fiddle. It was absolutely perfect as we all leapt and danced with absolute abandon to her classics. She said to us “It’s corny but fun” and that was so true. Amazing stuff.


Have you been to Glasto? What are your favourite memories?

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