Nathan Carter: Exclusive Interview

Irish singer Nathan Carter is coming to the North West (Bolton to be precise) with his Born For The Road Tour.

As part of my work for Canal St Online, I chatted with him about his show, singing for the Pope and collaborating with his younger brother, Jake Carter.

Tell me about the show
The show features myself and my lively 6 piece band and we play songs from my previous albums which is a mixture of originals and covers in a country/folk style

What is the best thing about being on the road?
Meeting people and seeing the buzz on people’s faces reacting to the music

Do you have any pre-show rituals that you have to do?
I’ve started recently to do vocal warm ups more I think it must be an age thing lol

What are the differences between American, Irish and British crowds?
There are slight differences I find the American and UK crowd listen intently and like to hear everything a lot of the times when we gig in Ireland the crowds generally want to get up and dance

Is it true you and your grandmother were asked to leave a hotel for partying too hard?
This is true. We had an after show party in a hotel and my Nan had the biggest room so myself and the band and crew all came back and had a party but unfortunately it got a bit loud and we were asked to leave so myself and 2 of the lads admitted it was our fault and the manager kindly let my Nan stay on

Would you ever duet with your brother?
Yes my brother is a great singer and we have sang together on stage a few times and always enjoy it

Would you ever follow in your brother’s footsteps and do something like Strictly?
Maybe up ahead. My brother was very lucky to win Dancing with the Stars in Ireland and I suppose I would do it but unfortunately it takes up a lot of time which would mean less gigging

How did performing for the Pope come about?
I was asked by the bishop in Ireland last year to be part of a show for the Pope in Croke Park with an audience of 60,000 people which was a huge honour indeed

Did you get any feedback?
Yes it was broadcast all across the world and I gained a lot of new social media followers after it

Who are your musical heroes? 
Don McLean, Van the Man & Bruce

What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given?
If you believe in what you’re doing don’t listen to anyone else

What are your musical ambitions?
To have a top 10 album some day in the States

Would you ever do a Taylor Swift and change your musical style?
Yes I have worked with different genres on a TV show I had in Ireland singing pop, soul and really enjoyed it so definitely in the future

Which do you prefer the studio or the stage?
The stage without a doubt

Has social media made it easier or harder being in the public eye?
It has been a huge help to me gaining new followers, it does have its down sides with keyboard warriors and so on

Nathan Carter is performing at Bolton Albert Halls on 2nd October. Tickets available at


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