Unhinged by Omarosa Review

OK I will admit, I do love a scandal mongering book and who better to rake the muck on than Donald J Trump? He seems to have more skeletons in his closet than on an Indiana Jones adventure yet he remains remarkably untouchable.

So I was quite keen to get started on a Christmas present of ex-Apprentice and ex White House staffer, Omarosa Manigault Newman’s tell all expose “Unhinged”.

I didn’t know a great deal about Omarosa before I got started on the book. Of course I remember her sacking and subsequent furore on Twitter from Mr President but I didn’t realise she had been on the original Apprentice series and had been in Trump’s life ever since.

It’s an easy read and Newman comes across as thoroughly unlikeable in it but I don’t feel that she is trying to score any popularity points. Doing a subsequent YouTube search on her, she shoots from the hip and appears to have no regard for her public image. In some respects this gives her a little bit more credence for the punches that she lands on the Trump Administration. Let’s be clear, the whole 366 pages are an absolute assault on one of the most controversial governments of recent times.

She lifts the lid on the Trump family, how Don Jr is bullied by his father and Ivanka uses a franky uncomfortable relationship with her father to her best advantage. She doesn’t hold back either when documenting the strains between Trump and Melania, even how he goes to first wife Ivana for advice on how to deal with wife number three.

The book is strangely compelling and I found it interesting in ways that I feel Newman didn’t really mean. It paints a depressing picture of 21st century America where skin pigment is still a hugely deciding factor on how your life will pan out and what support you can expect to receive from the state.

The main star of the show is Trump and more specifically his ego. Newman goes into huge detail about how far removed from actual power he is, she claims Mike Pence’s family already refer to him as “Mr President” and he is just playing a waiting game until Trump is either impeached or stands down. As her time at the White House drew to a close, she claimed that no communications to Trump were allowed without going through John Kelly (White House Chief of Staff), to the point where Trump resorted to eating notes he’d been given to avoid detection. This feels a little far fetched but even if half of these claims are true, America is in much poorer shape that we could ever have feared.

The motley crew of Kellyanne Conway, Sean Spicer and Sarah Huckabee Sanders don’t escape the wrath of Omarosa, it is alarming the amount of high level man power spent trying to reduce the damage Trump’s tweets cause. They seem to have little or no control of the non-fact checked messages he spews out to his millions of followers.

So would I recommend this book? Actually I would but with a big old pinch of salt. You have to remember she had to sell this book and sell it hard, it’s highly unlikely that she will have a high profile position again. Also, what did she do as soon as she left the White House? She went into the Celebrity Big Brother house so this is someone who enjoys the limelight.

With all that in mind, I still had a couple of days wallowing in the Trump swamp and time might tell how much of this is true. Scary? Yes. Compelling? Absolutely.

If you want to see for yourself, click here to buy (Amazon)

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