Bucket Lists: Why we love them and how to get one

2025 might seem like a long way in the future but trust me, it isn’t that far and that is when I turn fifty. Fifty years old. Yikes, even contemplating it gives me shivers as I sit here, a spritely forty three year old. No I’m not wishing my life away just by thinking about it, the very opposite in fact. I’m getting organised to make the journey to that milestone pretty eventful. Yes, I am getting Bucket List enabled.

The world seems to be Bucket List crazy and I got the bug when I discovered the brilliant blog, Pollys Pad

The Bucket List phenomenon’s origins are rooted in a list of things terminally ill people wanted to do before they died (“Kicked the bucket”) but the mainstream media know a crowd pleaser when they see one and The Bucket List was opened for everyone.

Many books, websites, blogs and a movie later and we all have a bucket list in some shape or other. We probably had one before but we didn’t have a fancy notebook from Paperchase designed with the express intention of recording all the things we want to do before we disappear off this earth. Some might say it is ghoulish and some positive. I kind of waver in the middle but I am a huge fan of lists and thought I’d have a proper look into it.

Choice is most definitely a burden in today’s society. Experiences and travel have never been more available to us. This has brought all manner of mental health issues with it but that is for another post. Where I think The Bucket List really comes into its own is to focus us and make us assess whether our wants and needs are really that. For instance, would you say that spending your hard earned cash on the latest gadget to impress the neighbours is a bucket list priority or can you get by with what you have and go for a weekend away to somewhere you’ve always wanted to go?

All of our resources are finite so a Bucket List is a great prioritiser.  The best phrase is that none of us are getting out of this alive and it’s a sobering thought. Would you lie on your deathbed, marvelling at that dishwasher you bought decades earlier or would you be remembering back to seeing Paris in the springtime?

With the Bucket List being tailored to you, the whole competitive vibe is gone. You have sat and researched all the things that mean something to you, what someone else is doing is totally immaterial. Of course, if you are in a close relationship, it would probably make sense to try and sync your lists.

The List can serve as great motivation too. If you clear out the garage and get all that rubbish onto eBay or a car boot, that can go some way to paying for your next jaunt.

When you’re designing your list it’s important to remember this it has to be achievable. There is no point in having 50 long haul wishes, it’s unlikely to happen and if you’re putting a deadline on it, you’re setting yourself up to fail. So for instance, I’m going to do 50 things before I’m 50 (it still pains me to type that). This means I have to tick off between 7 and 8 items a year. That’s quite a lot so I need some easy wins on there.

To be honest I’m still in the process of thinking about what I want on this list but I do know that it will be a big part of this blog, so I’m interested to know if anyone out there has a bucket list, whether it’s written down or in your head, and what you have on it. Let me know in the comments below.


  1. Well I am obviously going to say bucketlist’s are a good idea! 😁
    I am also torn between adding my deepest desires, but, at the same time, keeping it realistic and achievable.
    Looking forward to seeing some of your ‘ticked off’ posts. What do you think you will get done first?


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