Rose & Thorn 25 June 2018

It’s a World Cup Special!

This week’s Rose and Thorn is dedicated to the beautiful game.

The Rose is I’m totally hooked on it. About ten years ago I was really into football but my interest waned. This year for some reason, it has awoken with a vengeance and I’m loving it. I’d forgotten how great it is to watch live football rather than just Match of The Day. No it’s not just because 22 men are running around on the pitch, although that is a bonus. It’s the whole magic of seeing a team come together and play to the best of their ability.

The Thorn is the amount of play acting that is going on. I know that players have dived before and it’s not a new thing, but it seems to be way more a part of the game than it ever used to be and they’re not even very good at it. How frustrating is it to see a player check they are being watched before rolling around in “agony”. I’m putting it out there that if a player is clearly faking, they should be fined and the money goes to charity. There I said it.

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