So I thought the last post might have been a bit negative, dating isn’t as bad as all that. So I thought I’d get my top 5 Do’s in there as well. A bit of balance to this world.

  1. Do make the effort

This could be your future husband or wife you’re going to meet so you need to look the part. The top hat and tails can wait until the second date but at least be ironed and show your date a decent time. A friend of mine once travelled a fair distance for a guy to rock up in a pickup, suggest she got in while he dropped some planks of wood off at his mate’s and he’d treat her to a McD’s drive through on the way back. She didn’t.

  1. Do take a chance on a profile


It’s hard work getting yourself across with three pictures and a tiny text box. We live in the swipe age where we dismiss people at the flick of a digit. How many couples have you spoken to who say “Oh I couldn’t stand him at first” or “She was so not my type”. If you want your dating to end with a decent result, take the time to think before you X a decent person out of your life.


  1. Do be honest


If you tell them you’re a multi-millionaire who has half of Hollywood on speed dial just to get a date, chances are they will suss you out pretty quick. It’s true that some people have a social media life and a real life (I’ve never understood this, one life is enough to manage thanks), but be true about who you are. Fibbers get found out and sent off for an early bath.


  1. Do whatever feels right


Don’t be pressured into getting a relationship because your friends are having one. I’m the worst for saying “Oh I’ll get a boyfriend before Christmas” but Santa flies by and I’m still single and that makes me feel worse. Then I say yes to someone who is blatantly unsuitable and it fizzles out in a week. Dance to the beat of your own drum, when that special someone comes along, you will know.


  1. Do enjoy yourself


There’s a restaurant you’ve been dying to try or an exhibition you want to go to but your friends don’t fancy it. Combine the date with something you want to do. That way, even if the date isn’t much cop, you’ve ticked something off your bucket list.

If you’re a fellow dater, I wish you luck. If you’ve had good or bad experiences, let me know on, even if it’s just so I don’t feel like the only one suffering.