Oxygen Blast: Flint + Flint Manchester

You’d be forgiven for thinking that “anti-spa” Flint + Flint in Harvey Nicholls in Manchester would be a bit intimidating for those of us not married to a footballer. Well you’d be wrong.

Last year I had a facial there and really enjoyed the experience. As this is the year of weight loss for me (24lbs and counting) I’m definitely noticing the old skin is getting a little saggy. I realise at 43 this is to be expected but I’m not going down without a fight. So I realised I needed some heavy duty back up.

Tucked away at the back of the iconic department store, the tone is set instantly by the brilliantly friendly receptionist. Nothing is too much trouble here but not in an annoying way. This is the same with the rest of the staff, they are friendly and make the visit a pleasure.

I wouldn’t blame you if you had nerves though. This is a serious skincare destination with peels and needling and resurfacing all on the menu.

I’d done my research before I went and opted (should that be plumped) for the Comcit (Cryo-Oxygen Micro-channelling Collagen Induction Therapy) facial. Try telling that to your mates in the pub.

It consists of having your pores opened with a roller and oxygen blasted into them. Whilst they’re in there, they give your pores a rejuvenating tonic. Then you’re given a really lovely mask and moisturise.

It sounds barbaric but it really isn’t. It just feels like tiny little pins on your face and afterwards I felt the difference instantly. My skin feels lovely and tight but it’s one of those treatments where more is more so I’ve booked a course of six, I expect to look like an egg by Christmas.

The best thing are the offers, if you time your purchase right you can get some serious discounts.  A single treatment usually costs £120 but I knew I was going to book ahead so I went for a course of 3 for £325, my luck was in that day because they were doing a deal where you got the same again for a £1. Yes a £1. So where I should technically be paying £720, I got the lot for £326. That’s my kind of saving.

So there you have it. I can’t really fault Flint + Flint, you might not get the pamper experience of other places but this is no nonsense maintenance and I’m definitely inspired to try some of the other things available. After all, you never know until you try. Stay tuned.

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