Goodbye Sense 8 – it was fun

Well it’s goodbye to Netflix classic, Sense 8 and while we may feel it went before it’s time, what a brilliant and ground breaking series it was. If you haven’t watched, then stop reading this and get episode one on. OK actually, get it on after you’ve read this.

Sense 8 centres around 8 individuals across the globe linked by a form of telepathy which draws them closer and closer together. Sounds cool right? Not right. Because they are being pursued by an evil organisation shrouded in mystery.

But that isn’t all, our eight impossibly attractive heroes have to deal with regular life as well like homicidal brothers, living in the closet, organised crime and literally getting away with murder before they can come together and fight the real enemy.

Last year Netflix cut the show just as the fight was becoming real, leaving fans distraught. They couldn’t leave us like this. Luckily after a huge internet campaign, Netflix saw the error of their ways and commissioned a two and a half hour finale so that we could say goodbye properly to the characters we’ve grown to love.

But what is any good?

Yes it was. The brain child of The Wachowskis (The Matrix), the finale did everything and more that we’ve come to expect from a show which has come to represent a world of unity. It’s hard to remain spoiler free when reviewing something like this but I will guarantee you mega action as we see the eight sensates really work together to foil the bad guys.

Yes, you can tell budgets have been cut. All the action is centred on Paris and Italy rather than the sublime globe-trotting experience we have grown to love but there is certainly no expense spared in action. It’s a blood bath.

The first half of the finale is great, with the team and their significant others coming together like a private army, each complimenting the other. It’s ace to watch them build in strength as we work our way through. The last half seemed a bit rushed to me. The big ending is a bit of a let-down but the final scenes are a joy as the overall message of the show, that we are better together than against each other, is driven home in a totally non-preachy way.

The last scene is an eye opener and perfect for such show which pushed the boundaries right off the pitch.

What is interesting is that some characters are taken in a direction you never thought would happen, most definitely in the case of Tina Desai, who has had the biggest story arc of all. The payoff for this seems to be fan favourite Lito being reduced to an extra in most scenes and when he is given a speaking part, has turned into the stereotype the first two seasons fought so hard to avoid. Maybe there were scheduling problems for the actor who can also be seen in Narcos, but it still seemed a shame. The same could really be said for Riley who is supporting Will mainly, so much for girl power.

Nomi is perfect as the brains in the background and her love story with Neets is the beating heart of the show. I defy you not to cry at some point. Wolfgang also is a surprising emotional lead. He has quite the transformation.

Van Damn brings the laughs and so does Sun. She is a brilliant character that we have seen face huge demons and it’s nice to see her get the payoff she deserves.

So there we go, the final curtain. There are rumours that there could be a third season if given the go ahead but Netflix seem to be resisting for the time being. Maybe it’s for the best and Sense 8 will always have finished on a high rather than milking ever last drop out of a formula (Yes Walking Dead, I’m looking at you).

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