It’s the end of another week and a Bank Holiday, whoop! I hope you have had fun in the sun.

OK so the Rose this week has to be the women of Ireland. How amazing that they came from all over the globe to vote on their rights. It was a really sad week in Manchester and this was like a beacon of hope to me. The photo of all the women with suitcases at the airport gave me chills, we can make a difference and we shouldn’t just accept what is dished out to us. I salute every one of those ladies (and men) who voted for what they believe in.

The Thorn is motivation. If there was an Olympic Gold for procrastination, I would win hands down. I find myself having conversations out loud with myself, trying to will myself up to the laptop to do something I love to do. Weird but if Jennifer Saunders can suffer from it, then so can I. In fact, there’s probably a blog post in there about how to avoid procrastination, sad I can’t write it, I’ve got to sort out my sock drawer instead.