Rose & Thorn 13th May 2018

It’s a bit late but here is the Rose and Thorn for the week.

The Rose has to be Eurovision. I’ve been a bit of a snob in recent years with Eurovision but this year I donned a pink sequinned shirt and white trousers and headed out to a Eurovision party and had a ball. I was a bit disappointed by the lack of camp acts on the stage although Moldova’s performance had that in spadeloads, if you didn’t catch it, get it on YouTube. I drew Cyprus in the sweepstake and narrowly missed the star prize of an ABBA album but got the runner up prize of a Conchita Wurst mask so that’s a win in my eyes. The question I still need answering is, what on earth was in Mr Czech Republic’s back pack? His mum must do a smashing packed lunch if he’s not leaving it in the dressing room.

I’m sticking with the TV theme for this week’s thorn. Did anyone watch the TV BAFTAs last night? What a dog’s dinner that was. I had to give up half way through and uncurl my toes before bed. Sue Perkins’ script was just not funny and the voiceover (I’m presuming this was to make it modern for the yoof) could barely be heard. There was supposed to be reaction shots backstage but they were few and far between and just showed people looking chuffed, what else did they expect? Also, having Sue all over the theatre might have seemed a good idea in a planning meeting but translated as total confusion. Don’t get me started on the winners.

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