It’s been an amazing bank holiday hasn’t it? Sun’s out and the birds are singing. After what felt like the winter of Narnia, we deserve this.

My rose this week is actually gardening. Yes I know, after my complaining the other week, I’m starting to get the bug. It helped that I’ve realised it’s a way of spending money and who doesn’t love that? Am I the only one to spend a fortune in the garden centre this weekend? Not just on a cappuccino and some pot pourri either, real life plants. Whether they will survive or not is another matter but let’s not dwell. Me and my garden centre co-pilot got our trollies with resolve and ploughed straight in there, doing a perfect job of pretending we knew what we were doing. It didn’t last long until we both realised we weren’t going to get a job in the Blue Peter garden. Still faint heart never won fair maiden and I left with a ton of plants which are now facing a new life in a lovely garden or a long drawn out death. Only time will tell.

The thorn this weekend is the news about Alex Ferguson. We seem to be drowning in a sea of “celebrities” and infamous scandalmongers but actual heroes are in short supply. No matter what your football allegiance, you cannot fail to acknowledge Sir Alex’s success and if anyone deserved a long and happy retirement, it’s him. My thoughts are with his family and I really hope he pulls through. I’ve never met him, the closest I came was a friend of mine was going out with a photographer at Man Utd and when Sir Alex heard we were going to Chester Races he sent us a tip. The horse won. Let’s hope he is back enjoying what he loves as soon as he can.