Rose & Thorn 29th April 2018

It’s that time of the week again. So my Rose is definitely climbing up the hill opposite my house on Saturday. Now I realise that it’s no mountain and I didn’t need specialist equipment, but I’ve lived in this house for nearly 18 months and have had it on my bucket list to climb the hill and look down to see what the house and the rest of the valley looks like. I was proud that I did it. The view was spectacular and has given me the bug for building up my walking. The sad bit was finding myself looking down at my house and saying to my friend “Doesn’t the patio look clean from up here?”. Yes folks, I am officially getting old.

Getting old leads me onto the Thorn of the week. I’ve seen that the new Marvel film is getting rave reviews and I do love a blockbuster but I have no idea what films I’m supposed to have watched to get to this point because I’m getting the feeling this is a finale of sorts. I know I’ve dipped in and out of the Marvel universe but having looked online there are tons of parts to this and I’m flummoxed. Maybe I should just go back to the beginning and watch in order  but then maybe it just doesn’t matter. Who knows?

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