Abandoman hits Gorilla

It’s hip hop Jim, but not as we know it. I went to an ace gig last night at Gorilla in Manchester.  Abandoman is like nothing I’ve seen before as Rob Broderick rules the stage with his improvised hip hop ably aided by musician Sam Wilson.

The darlings of the UK comedy circuit, they are currently all over the place this autumn on their Life + Rhymes Tour and it seems no subject is taboo. It’s hard to get across the brilliance of Abandoman as you really have to be there but if you are there, be brave. The audience members who got up looked like they were having the times of their lives, especially the Crazy Ceilidh Crew who danced up a storm, the crew consisted of Bev who is marrying Kev now their divorces have come through and Rihannon who lies about how many plastic bags she takes from supermarkets, disgraceful.

The key to the success of the whole thing is Rob’s friendly demeanour, literally making audiences want to participate and tell him things. People were running up to get in on the act, not me I’m afraid to say. We met him in the bar after and my friend felt the need to tell him how rubbish the support act which he took with good grace. To be fair the support act weren’t great but they get full marks for effort.

So it’s a definite recommendation from me for Abandoman, we were in stitches for over an hour and you can’t say fairer than that. My only tip is not to drink lager, I was in fear going past the stage to the loo but escaped unharmed.



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